Title: 2013-06-26T17:56:41.192-07:00
Shocked to find after my delivery, that Lemon Chicken does not come with rice. I've never seen this in a Chinese Restaurant in this area. My husband is so upset he won't talk to me because I ordered from this place. Won Ton soup the worst I've ever had, and I'm almost 60 and have eaten in Chinese restaurants across the nation. White rice ala carte is just not going to hack it for me. Do not order from this restaurant! Very substandard food, and I'm a professional cook, to boot.
Title: 2011-03-28T16:13:40.685-07:00
No problem with the order. Very good quality of food. I enjoyed it! Thanks!
Title: 2011-03-28T14:43:24.310-07:00
No problem with this order.Thanks
Title: 2011-03-25T16:16:24.388-07:00
Everything went well. No problem. Thanks
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